Pricing + Services

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Physical Therapy Evaluation $135

An hour appointment where you will receive a comprehensive evaluation, gain an understanding of your injury, and how we can work together to reach your goals. 

55 Minute PT Session $100

After you have received an evaluation, we can meet for follow up treatments to progress toward your goals. 

30 Minute PT Session $50

Available after you have received your evaluation. Ideal for those transitioning toward discharge and maybe just need to work on a few more exercises.  

Consultation or Injury Prevention Assessment $50

Consultation- not sure if PT is right for you, or wondering where to start? Maybe you want some home exercises to strengthen a certain area of ballet technique to work toward a new goal. Let's talk!

Injury prevention assessment- a 30 minute assessment to identify potential risk factors that may contribute to future injury. You'll leave with exercises to help reduce that risk. 

55 Minute PBT Private and Small Group Lesson  

$95 Private Lesson - Tailored one on one technique strengthening session to help you work toward your ballet goals!

$25 Per Student Small Group Lesson - Minimum 3, maximum 5 students - Get a few friends together and help each other stay motivated!

*PBT lessons make great gifts for your favorite dancer! Gift cards available.



Pointe Readiness Assessment $60

Earning your first pointe shoes is a great goal to work toward!  You want to make sure you're ready to do it safely and set yourself up for success.  This session includes several tests and measures, and then, with your teacher, I will help make a recommendation as to when you might be ready for pointe!

On Site Lectures and Workshops

Want to bring a lecture or workshop series to your studio or company?  These are tailored to meet your needs and target audience (dancers, teachers, parents, etc.). Let's set up a time to talk!


Common injuries I treat:

Dance related injuries
Back pain
Neck pain
Foot/ ankle/ knee dysfunction
Pelvic girdle dysfunction
Pregnancy related pain
Shoulder and upper extremity injuries
Sport related injuries