Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take insurance? 

I accept cash, credit card, or check. I am happy to provide an invoice and superbill, as you may be able to use your flexible spending account or seek reimbursement with your insurance if you have “out of network” PT coverage.

By being an out of network provider, it gives me the freedom to treat you as a whole person based on your needs, without insurance companies dictating treatment coverage or the time I spend with you.

I am not contracted with Medicare.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor? 

No, I do not need a prescription from your physician.  As of January 1, 2014, California consumers were granted limited direct access to physical therapy services! You can book an appointment with me without a referral or diagnosis. You may receive PT treatment for up to 12 visits within 45 days. If at that point you need to continue PT, you’ll need to check in with your physician and I will send you with a plan of care that will need to be approved by them at that time.   

What are the benefits of having PT at the ballet studio instead of a traditional PT clinic?

The PT services I offer at The Ballet School Performing Arts are unique in that you will receive convenient and focused one-on-one attention, quite rare in a typical PT setting.  Here, you will not be passed off to an aide after a short session with a PT.  I will be with you to provide manual therapy, monitor form during therapeutic exercise to maximize outcomes, and answer questions along the way.  I will not rush you!  Dancers enjoy the comfort of a familiar studio setting during their rehabilitation with someone who can "speak their language" and understands ballet technique.  

If you are a ballet student, I am able to speak with your teachers so we can formulate a plan to expedite your recovery.


Do you help adults and non-dancers?

Yes, absolutely! I help a wide range of people with orthopedic concerns, my practice just happens to run from a ballet studio!  Quality, convenient care should be available to all. If you are willing to work hard, I am available to help.

Can my student attend your workshops if they don't dance at The Ballet School? 

Yes! I welcome dancers from any studio. Please contact me so we can talk and make sure they are the appropriate age and ballet level. 

How many PT sessions will I need to get better?

The short answer is, it depends.  Length of rehab can vary greatly depending upon how acute and severe your injury is, what your end goals are, your ability to rest, and how committed you are to your home program. Once I’ve completed your evaluation, I am able to give a ballpark timeline for recovery.

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